So all of these awful things keep popping up and it’s hard to stay positive. But then God throws these amazing people at me and it’s hard to ignore.

Long story short: my iPod broke (my iPod is like 95% of my life or more) and then I post a silly status on Facebook and get a response from an old friend of mine’s mother saying “we have an extra you can have. Seriously”. Like what?

so beyond thankful

I have had a really tough week and have to deal with some real world issues that I haven’t really worried about in the past. I’m growing up and although I don’t like it, it has to happen. And the world throws some serious stuff at you when you least expect it. But I pray that God grants me the strength and the grace to get me through these obstacles with a better understanding of who I am.

You are loved, you are not alone, you are forgiven.

Prayer request: a good friend of mine is technically morbidly obese and is going through a process to get some surgery to help with weight loss. He is 20 and is a wonderful wonderful human being. I’d like to ask for all of the prayers I can get for him while going through this scary and potentially wonderful procedure.

Thank you very much. God bless

So thankful that today was bright and sunny. I was able to make a quick adventure to my favorite place on campus when dropping off a friend. It was really wonderful to be able to enjoy the fully bloomed garden because during the school year, it’s pretty much dead. I thank God for opportunities to do things like this on such a phenomenal day.