Good morning, lovely people! I am just taking a quick break at work to let you know that my blog will be somewhat slow today. I need to fill the queue and get some things rolling, but hang in there! I’ll be working on it tonight!

God bless

avoicelessgirl said: Your blog is beautiful. I am quite in love with it.

Thank you so very much! It makes me happy to hear that you like it:) God bless

Anonymous said: hey! I really appreciate you making this blog! if you feel comfortable answering my question, I would like to know if you are Catholic? thanks

Yes, I am catholic :)

lorentolentino said: Is Really Cool to find a cristian blog im trying to make one my own but i also have anime stuff i really like this one and is really awesome how you know so much about god and that you belive that #GodsNotDead any way you could help me with a blog

I suggest you make two separate blogs: one faith and one anime. You could also influence your faith blog with anime material. But it’s all up to you. Pray about it and take the leap. I recommend starting one! God bless and good luck

Anonymous said: I absolutely love it here! I have definitely grown in my faith since coming to Calvin. It's such a cliché answer but it's so true!

A lot of clich├ęs are true!! But that’s wonderful! I’m so glad that it has been influential to you! :)

Anonymous said: Hey! Just wanted to show support for a constantly updated Christian blog. You don't see them as often nowadays. Anyway, I've just watched Annabelle and am feeling fearful, because of all the satanic references. I want to trust The Lord but don't know how. Any advice?

I asked my mom for advice on this one: she said that you need to rid you life of Satan. Avoid those movies, images and ideas. She got into this phrase for whatever reason (she’s currently laughing about it but it works). Whenever you are afraid, just be clear with the Devil that you’re not interested. And trust in The Lord with everything you are. Definitely pray about it! You’re in my prayers:) God Bless.