So I went to confession, felt better, made plans to change my ways and felt strong. And then did it again. Within 24 hours of my confession, I let temptation win again. I feel so helpless, so disappointed in myself, and so weak. I have made God promises to change and to make an effort to be better and do better and fail every time. I don’t want to have to go back to confession again next week and say the same things and just go through this over and over and over again. I want that to be it. I want this part of my life to be over. I want to change. I don’t want to keep going to The Lord and saying, “I’m sorry, I won’t let it happen again” and then break that promise. This is it. I am leaving myself accountable. I am making rules and am going to actually change. I am going to focus on The Lord. And if I go back to confession next week to say that I made these mistakes again, I want that to be the last time. I can’t keep doing this to God and to myself.¬†

Prayers would be much appreciated. God bless

child-of-theking said: Hey! I have a christian and advice blog. I just want to share the love of The Lord with others and really help and interact with people... But i don't have many followers.. Can you take a look at my blog, and if you take any liking to it, can you follow me back? Thank you, have a blessed day <3

I will take a look at it right now! Keep going, stay strong and you’ll get more people to follow you. It just takes time:) God bless

yossy-valentina39 said: I feel so desperate lately. I don't know what to do, even though there is really nothing I can do. I don't know if this is all something to teach me patience, but it's eating me up alive & it's draining me. This path always leads to depression. I don't even know what kind of prayer to ask for I just feel like I desperately need it.

I pray that this feeling of desperation goes away. I have dealt with depression quite a bit and can understand where this feeling would lead to that. I pray that you find what you’re looking for. I pray that The Lord comes down and kisses you and takes those feelings away. But if that can’t happen, I pray that He gives you an opportunity to find where this desperation is coming from. I believe that God puts obstacles in our lives to make us stronger. He only sends us what we can handle, whether we know we can or think we can or not. You can do it, you can keep moving forward, you can get through it. Don’t forget to pray Whenever you get the chance. Prayer can be difficult when you don’t know what to ask for or what to say, but I find that if I start somewhere (anywhere) I end up saying Exactly what I need to say. I actually have been talking with God for about an hour and have realized some things about myself that I don’t like, but need to ask for forgiveness for. I have confession tomorrow and Will be going. My point is, you don’t need to have a list or a specific thing you want to tell God. I find it easiest to just chat with Him. But I have had issues doing that too, so I just say a few memorized prayers. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers¬†and everyone else, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers too! I know life is hard and confusing and sometimes we are just a tad “off”, but I know that The Lord will keep you close and help you through this. God bless<3

I am so bad at staying away from temptation. I let myself fall into temptation again and again and again. I overlook the fact that even though it may make me feel good or whatever, it’s me giving into temptation: something I am not ready for. I pray that God can forgive me for allowing temptation to win. I want to give myself completely to The Lord again, I need to surrender my life to Him.

God bless

Anonymous said: Hey so... This is strange... But I need to tell u this: God loves you SOOOO much. HE knows what you're going through, went through and will go through. His plan is much bigget than you think. Lots of love

Thank you so much, I know you’re right. I definitely needed that! :) God bless

millionpiecesgone said: Hi! :) could you pray for my cousin who is having a baby in the next week or two? Her mom passes away a year a go (so my aunt) and I want her to know that her mom is with her every step of the way! Ps- don't forget my offer if you need to talk to someone! I love talking and I love helping. Seriously though:) Thanks! Xoxo! I'll pray for you<3

Sorry I didn’t answer sooner! But I have been praying for your cousin! I will definitely keep your offer in mind, I have a crazy busy week and might need some advice and prayers and friends haha. But thank you for your prayers and God bless